Beautiful journey back to ‘Spring Day’

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Feel the emotions in the movie-like story tale with us. One of the most loved songs by BTS fans. Let’s dive into the story where a beautiful music video and heartwarming melodies meet together like a movie.


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5 zones, 34 activities
Tour, Story, Singing, Dancing
Korean, English
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Journey duration
180 days



If you imagined K-POP world only for you, don’t hesitate to open the door






Touring zone
BTS bus stop in Hyangho beach
Touring zone
Iryeong station
Story zone
Into the lyrics
Singing zone
Sing along together
Dancing zone
Move like a star


BTS Spring Day Official MV

Watch the official music video for Spring Day once again and feel the beautiful scenes surrounding you.

'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE' Jacket shooting sketch

Join BTS for their Spring Day jacket shooting and join the members behind the scenes as they have a fun time on set.

[VLOG] Jin | Bangtan fisher

A must-watch story before our journey to Hyangho Beach. Watch the BTS members as they enjoy sea fishing.

Touring zone

A trip to filming location of the music video

What comes to mind first when you hear the song ‘Spring Day’? It must be the music video. BTS fans voted the filming location for Spring Day as the place in Korea they most wanted to visit. So we will take you on tour to the ‘BTS Bus Stop at Hyangho beach’ and ‘Iryeong station.’ Let’s go!

Hyangho beach bus stop.
The place that fans most want to visit.

Our first destination is Hyangho Beach, the location where the album jacket of ‘You Never Walk Alone’ was shot!
Preview of the Hyangho beach
Seoul to Gangneung Distance Map
Hyangho Beach is located by the East Sea. It’s a 3-hour drive from Seoul, so you can go there without too much difficulty when you want to see the sea.


Let's go to eat octopus ramyeon with lots of seafood.

There is a place that we want to go to with all of you. It‘s a seafood restaurant where is famous for the ‘octopus ramyeon.’ You must know that BTS members’ favorite menu is ramyeon (Korean instant noodle)!

Come and feel the taste!

Octopus and ramyeon, which is great at any time of the day, is a fantastic combination.
K-POP BTS Spring Day Touring Hayngho beach Octopus Ramyeon

The Iryeong station tour.
A train station where time has stood still.

The beautiful snowing scene at a train station, at the beginning of the music video, was shot at Iryeong station. A lot of fans go to experience what the BTS members may have felt there.
Preview of the Iryeong station
BTS Spring Day Iryeong Station
Immerse yourself in the mood of Spring Day and fully enjoy this trip!


Lunch & tea time

How about lunch at a nearby place? The restaurant is located right next to the train tracks from Iryeong station, so enjoy a delicious meal and take in the train tracks’ scenery.
BTS Spring Day Iryeong Station Ssambap
Ssambap is a dish with pork marinated with sweet and spicy sauce, wrapped in fresh vegetables.
Before we go, shall we wrap up our stop at Iryeong station with a fragrant cup of coffee? This café was originally built in a traditional Korean house called ‘Hanok’ and later transformed into a modern and cozy café.

Story zone

It’s time to enter the story of Spring Day.

The lyrics make the song Spring Day deeper and more perfect. If you understand the meaning of the lyrics in Korean, you will feel the emotion of Spring Day on a much deeper level. Stop hesitating, and let’s go.
BTS Spring Day Hyangho Beach
Do you remember the lyrics that start at the first verse? The verse that appears the most in the song is ‘Bogoshipdda,’ which means I miss you.’
BTS Spring Day Story Zone
In addition, you will be able to learn some useful and easy Korean words. It’s okay if you don’t know Korean yet. If you are a fan of Spring Day, I will make it easy for you to watch and follow along.

Singing zone

It’s time to fall for its lyrical melody.

If you have understood the lyrics, it is now time to enjoy some singing time while immersed in the emotions of Spring Day. It’s a lyrical melody that almost makes you cry for no reason.
Preview of singing Spring Day
BTS Spring Day Singing Zone
Spring Day starts with a calm recitation of the rap part. The rap part displays the suppressed emotions and frustrations of not being able to meet a friend and is very memorable.
BTS Spring Day Singing Zone
“Snowflakes are falling. They’re getting farther away again slowly.” The beauty of Spring Day is in this chorus. BTS member Jungkook’s attractive vocals are a very appealing part of the song, right? So let’s sing this part together, filled with nostalgic feelings.’

Dancing zone

Full of storytelling as if you were watching a musical

We are almost at the end of our Spring Day journey! The choreography of Spring Day perfectly expresses with the body the stories of Spring Day displayed in the stories in the music video. It’s not just an expression of sadness, but it’s an expression of longing for someone through the various movements.
Preview of dancing Spring Day

Move your body to the song!

This is a part where BTS member Jimin’s beautiful dance moves stand out. We think his choreography was perfect in expressing the feelings and emotions of Spring Day.

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5 zones, 34 activities
BTS Spring Day Hyangho Beach

Touring zone

BTS Bus Stop
1. MV spot: BTS bus stop and Hyangho beach
2. Lunch time near Hyangho beach
3. Hyangho beach walk
4. Hyangho beach walk (360 VR mode)
BTS Spring Day Touring Zone Iryeong Station

Touring zone

Iryeong station
1. MV spot: Iryeong Station
2. Lunch time near Iryeong station
3. Coffee time after touring
4. Iryeong station walk
BTS Spring Day Story Zone

Story zone

BTS Bus Stop
1. Welcome to the story zone
2. Part 1 – I miss you
3. Part 2 – How long should I wait for that spring day to come?
4. Part 3 – Like a little dust floating in the air.
5. Part 4 – Please stay there a little longer.
6. Pronunciation practice – Read the lyrics better with better pronunciation
7. Find words from the lyrics
BTS Spring Day Singing Zone

Singing zone

Sing along together
1. Preview of singing
2. Welcome to the singing zone
3. Introduction
4. Part 1 – Start with a calm rap
5. Part 2 – Sing the rap part better
6. Part 3 – Sing with deep longing feelings
7. Part analysis
8. Pronunciation practice
9. Completion
BTS Spring Day Dancing Zone

Dancing zone

Move like a star
1. Preview of dancing
2. Welcome to the dancing zone
3. Introduction
4. Part 1 – Dance with more emotion
5. Part 2 – Let’s make it lively with more emotion
6. Part 3 – How to express your feeling
7. Catch every detail 1
8. Catch every detail 2
9. Completion
10. Let’s dance together!

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